About us

Tradition and Innovation

I opened my very own Takács Atelier studio in 2008. I had returned as a restarter professional after being full time mom following straight receiving my diploma of textile manufacturing. 

I was always amazed by ornamentation and it strongly influenced me in designing my very first collection that soon became the Takács trademark appearing on many T-shirts and dresses.

Palmettes, bines, occasionally mythical figures pop up on my dress artwork. Be it overgarments with zipper ornament often inspired by Hussar cording, or lacy embroidery applications inherited by ornamental Hungarian dresses embellished with rich patterns, they both significantly dominate my designs.

I was always excited to design and create dresses on demand in our creative studio following any unique requests. I find it particularly important to sit down with my valued customers to learn about their ideas, needs, making a plan together in order to create a uniquely tailored dress of my customers’ dreams.

My motto is Beautiful and Engaging with Hungarian Elegance.